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Fayetteville Trails

Smith Lake Bike Trail

Location: Faytteville
Miles: 7
Skill Level: Beginner to intermediate
Take Bragg Blvd to Honeycutt Road and turn towards Fayetteville. Go until you reach Murchison Road (HWY 87/210) and turn right heading south. Go past Simmon's Army Airfield and turn left into Smith Lake Recreation Area. From there you take the last dirt road before you enter Smith Lake to the right. Continue down this road for ~1 mile; trailhead is on the right. There is a fee to ride these trails.



Location: Fayetteville
Miles: 7+
Skill Level: Intermediate
Directions: HEFNER TRAIL IS NOW OFF LIMITS. TICKETS are being issued by Forest Service Rangers and military officials. and most people thought these trails were legal. Hopefully, folks in Fayetteville will build some more trails, legally, as the flat, sandy soil makes for some fun riding.

They are constantly adding more single track to this trail. The forest is a little different than you might see in the Triangle. It's sandy and the trees are spread out. A good place to ride if everything else is covered in mud. It has great flow and there are a couple decent climbs but for the most part, it's flat and fast.






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