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Guidelines for updating: Anyone may make an update for any trail. You should make updates if you know the true status by either having been to the trail/park, read an email update from the park staff, or have phoned the park and obtained the status. If you have found that incorrect updates have been made, please note the trail and date/time and notify and correct the false entries. If the last updated time is relatively old, it would be a good idea to update the status even if the status is unchanged.

Additional Information: 9 times out of 10, this item should be empty. However, there are circumstances which warrant additional information about the trail condition beyond a simple open/closed. This includes listing any trail sections that should be avoided. Appropriate example: first loop is very muddy and should be avoided. Appropriate example: the trail is open but a race is scheduled, so be advised that traffic is expected to be heavy.
Inappropriate entries include, but are not limited to, random comments, plugs for events, or anything not related to the trail condition. Inappropriate example: Called office Inappropriate example: According to message Inappropriate example: Per email Inappropriate example: this trail rocks! Inappropriate example: trail is dry and good to go. In this last example, the OPEN status would suffice.

In order to make updates to the trail status, you must first sign in to the forum. Once you sign into the forum, just come back to this page (or refresh) to make the trail status update. If you do not have a forum account, you may create one here. Sorry for the extra step, but there have been too many deliberately false updates.

TrailPhoneCurrent StatusLast UpdatedWho UpdatedAdditional Information
Beaver Dam
919-676-1027 open 03/06 7:48 am FALA **Some sections of trail may be underwater** Park closes at 7:30pm.
Briar Chapel
  open 03/03 2:08 pm tjstankus  
└ Skills Area
  open 03/03 2:08 pm tjstankus  
└ Herndon Loop
  open 03/04 2:48 pm tjstankus  
Brumley Forest
  open 03/04 9:47 am j-dubb  
Carolina North (airport side)
919-883-8930 open 03/04 9:09 am mancher  
Carolina North (school side)
919-883-8930 open 03/04 9:09 am mancher  
919-460-3390 open 03/06 8:41 am anythingshiny Park is now closing @ 6:30 pm, please do not remove vegetation or debris blocking unsanctioned sections of tread.
Green Hills
  open 03/02 10:39 pm efpw  
Forest Ridge
919-996-5800 open 03/06 1:40 pm ForestRidgeManager Park is now closing at 7:00 PM
919-387-4342 closed 03/05 10:56 am HarrisLake Park closes @ 6:30 pm.
Legend (Lower)
  closed 01/25 6:57 am BIVENATOR Per Town (6/11), Trails closed for Const.
Legend (Upper)
  open 03/04 10:49 am Kurt May now park at Legend Park. Lowers remain closed.
Little River
919-732-5505 open 03/04 2:38 pm it hauls Park gate closes at 6pm. Skills area closed.
New Light
  closed 03/01 5:00 am admin Open only on Sundays Sep 1 through May 14.
RTP Trails
  open 03/04 2:20 pm alex Be aware of construction traffic on Louis Stephens
San Lee Gravity Park
  open 03/04 8:31 am Mommawarrior  
San Lee Singletrack
  open 03/04 8:31 am Mommawarrior  
Wendell Falls
  open 03/04 9:39 pm mousjo  
Williamson Preserve
  open 03/06 1:50 pm BIVENATOR The west side of Little Falls loop is closed for maintenance. Use bidirectional flow on the east side with caution.

Light weight trail status
To better support mobile devices, we have released a light weight trail status page. This page displays a quick summary of our current trail status without the rich features used on our home page and trail status update page. In addition to this page, we are also reiterating that the additional information data for a trail status should only be used when there is important information that cannot be covered with a simple open/closed status. Thanks for helping us keep and display accurate and relevant trail status information!