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Trail Projects

TORC is working to get more mountain bike trails on the ground. Find out about their projects here and lend them a hand!

Briar Chapel
TORC signed an MOU in 11/06 and several work days have already taken place. Trails will be built as the construction advances through the subdivision. This is the first private/public agreement to build trail in the Triangle to our knowledge. 15-20 miles of trail to be built ulitimately, with the possibilty for xc trails for all skill levels as well as pump track type trail and jumps along right of way to engage the freeride contingent. Trail coordinator is Stewart Bryan. [email protected]

White Deer Park - Garner
TORC signed an MOU with the Town of Garner for TORC to design and build mtb trails at the future White Deer Park, and to officially take over the maintenance of the Garner Recreation Park trails. Trail construction at White Deer cannot be started until the town begins their construction later this year, most likely in September. No trail coordinator at this time.

North Wake Landfill
TORC representatives were invited to join the North Wake Landfill Closure committee and attended their December 2006 meeting. As stakeholders in the master plan TORC is expected to help identify participation, possible sources of funding for the mtb trails, and to help in the planning and scheduling of the construction after the closure of the landfill. This park is currently unfunded, and it is not decided if the property will ultimately be built and managed by the city, the county or both jointly. Estimated closure is sometime in early 2008, but this can change based on the amount of waste generated by the city. No trail coordinator at this time.

Forest Ridge Park
Forest Ridge Park master plan was approved by the Raleigh City Council this past summer. Up to 20 miles of singletrack are allowed in this plan. The concept plan had to pass final review of the Army Corp of Engineers, as well as the NC Division of Water Quality. Once approvals are in place the city will contract with planners to produce the working plan for the park. Funding is partially in place, and the city will look for grants, and participation from the stakeholders such as TORC to try and secure additional funding through grants, etc. The mtb trails will be built in the intial phase of construction, which is probably 1.5-2 years from starting. Bill Camp is trail coordinator for this project.