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Green Hills County Park

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  closed01/25 6:57 pmefpw

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Overall :   1.5 / 5.0   based on 2 votes
Technical :   1.5 / 5.0   based on 2 votes
Climbing :   1.0 / 5.0   based on 2 votes
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Location: 9300 Deponie Dr, Raleigh, NC 27614
Miles: 2-3
Skill Level: Beginner

Trail Map
Park Hours and Fees
Rules of the Trail

Formerly known as North Wake Landfill Park, the trail system is a neighborhood system, located near greenways. Small fun trail that will strive to be open as much as possible along with a small skills park.


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Park Hours
Dawn to Dusk

No fees, but donations to TORC are always welcome

Rules of the Trail

  1. The trails are closed to bike riding when wet.
  2. Ride or walk on the right side of the trail.
  3. Helmets are required for all riders.
  4. Bicyclists must ride single file.
  5. Stop only on the shoulder of the trail.
  6. Do not cut the trail.
  7. Give an audible warning before passing others. Announce yourself and slow down to pass.
  8. Ride at a responsible, controlled speed.
  9. At this time, e-bikes are not permitted.
Prohibited Activities and Items
  1. Littering
  2. Off-Trail Riding and Hiking
  3. Racing on bikes
  4. Smoking
  5. Bringing or Consuming Alcohol
  6. Hunting
  7. Firearms
  8. Motorized vehicles must be parked in the parking lot and may not be used anywhere other than the parking lot. Vehicles parked along the road are subject to removal.
  9. At this time, e-bikes are not permitted.
  10. Pets must be leashed at all times with no exception, and all waste must be removed

This trail is not open for night riding at this time.



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Green Hills trail has been reviewed 2 times by our guests.

Reviewed by:ecumike
Reviewed on:12/27/2020
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Rode this today since everything else was closed. It’s not like Crabtree or Forest Ridge or anywhere else. This is like if you just need to get out for a quick ride and have 10 or 15 minutes it’s VERY much like Regency trails (if you know you know) but without all the fun. It’s a makeshift ridge line trail alongside a fence on a slope. It’s almost like you’re riding in the woods back behind someone’s house. It’s fun for a quickie if everything else is closed, or for taking the kids or family. It’s got a lot of paved path options.
Reviewed by:bradskiis
Reviewed on:12/23/2020
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Two of the three main trails are "out and back" trails that will end up in congestion, and are not long. As compared to other nearby options, it just wasn't very fun. I took my 11 and 9yr old daughters, and they much prefer Crabtree, Harris, and Williamson to this.