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Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill Trail Reviews

Keep in mind, the reviews are opinions only. One mans pleasure is another mans pain. Take the reviews with a grain of salt.

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Review CategoryReview Category Description
Overall:In general, how fun the trail riding experience is.
Technical:The bike handling skills required to ride the trail clean. This is unrelated to speed and is intended to cover the trail as a whole, not just the single most technical spot.
Climbing:Primarily the steepness, length, and frequency of climbs combined into an overall rating. The intent is to cover the overall intensity the trail imposes in its climbs without reguard to how technical the climbs are.
Freeride:The overall opportunity for Freeriding on the trail. This should include the quantity, quality, size, difficulty, and fun.
Scenery/Wildlife:The overall subjective beauty and opportunities to view wildlife while riding the trail.
Flow:Highly subjective but intended to characterize the overall flow of the trail. Most people consider flow to be how easy it is to maintain momentum while negotiating the turns and obstacles.

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